And so the hunting begins…

I wondered how long it would be before Gizmo actually killed something. Lets face it, he has been practising his hunting skills indoors for the past two months since I’ve had him, so I guess its only fair he put his skills into practice. To my surprise, the first creature to succumb to my domesticated tiger was not one of my pet ducks. He has met them though, and for a few seconds yesterday, he thought about chasing them, but one look from Trevor duck and Giz changed his mind. Phew… big sign of relief from me; not relieved that he didn’t chase the ducks, but relieved that the ducks didn’t chase him! So his first kill wasn’t a duck…

Gizmo is still a bit unsure of the outside world, and all the noises and smells that go with being out of the house. He is clearly fascinated by birds, especially the two blackbirds that sit in a tree in the garden and yell at Gizmo constantly whilst he is outdoors. No wonder the little chap takes a bit of time to go outdoors once the door is open; he is probably being bombarded with verbal abuse from the blackbirds! At the moment, the only way of tracking where Gizmo is whilst in the garden is purely by the direction the blackbirds are shouting from! However, Gizmos’ first kill wasn’t a bird either…

I saw him crouching down on the floor in the dining room, staring intently at something near the wall. His concentration was unwavering, his body totally still. After some time, his tail twitched, his bum wiggled and he leapt forwards. In lightening speed, he pounced, landing on his unsuspecting victim. Pleased with his accomplishment, Gizmo then patted it several times with his paw in quick successions, before eating it in one mouthful. He looked so pleased with himself as he proceeded to clean his paws following his successful hunt. I didn’t want to burst his bubble, but catching a bluebottle is not quite what I expected would be his first kill….

I’m sure he will be bringing back more hunting trophies soon that are far more exciting, and much bigger than a fly!!? But anyway, well done Giz, you had to start somewhere didn’t you…


2 thoughts on “And so the hunting begins…

  1. It’s a slippery slope I am afraid…. Much to my dismay Sasha has turned out to be a killer queen ♕. I have never had a cat who is such a prolific hunter. She’s a petite black rescue cat who is now 5 years old. She did spend some time on the mean streets streets of South London before she came to me – so maybe this is where her penchant for takeaway came from? So far she has managed to wrestle through the conservatory cat flap a live wood pigeon and a crow. Luckily I managed to free them both without them being damaged. I am dreading her tackling light aircraft.
    Numerous mice a squirrel and a small rat 🐀 however have been less lucky 🍀. The offerings are usually left on a crescent shaped doormat which is now colloquially know as ‘the mat of murder’. The rat made her look like Mexican with a drooping moustache… Not a look I hope to see too often. Sash and I wish you the best of luck Gizmo… a wonderful world awaits you. Kindest cat Regards Sash and her human aka @clutterbeauty


  2. I guess I have all that to look forward to with Gizmo…if he progresses from catching flies that is?! The ‘mat of murder’ is a perfect way to describe where Sasha leaves her presents for you!! She sounds like a well trained assassin! From Gizmo and human slave, Leanne x


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