A Whole New World…

Even in his previous home, Gizmo has been always been an indoor kitty, but after having his vaccinations recently, I decided to let him out today and let him get a bit closer to the birds he keeps meowing at through the window…

This afternoon, the weather was stunning. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and there was a little bit of a breeze. Armed with a strong coffee and a cushion, I opened the back door to the house, and sat outside, waiting for Giz to get inquisitive. Gizmo stood in the doorway for a long time before daring to put a paw outside. He cowered as he took a few tentative steps into the outside world, getting regularly distracted by a low flying birds that kept disappearing over the roof of the house.

I sat outside with him as he worked his way around the edge of the patio, sniffing everything and then getting worried by an unfamiliar noise, and running back inside the house. After about an hour, he began to explore the garden a bit more. He discovered the wheelbarrows that had old leaves in them and then made his way down the grass to the garden shed. He also (to my horror) got much closer to my pet ducks than I would advise.

IMG_20160419_160011391‘Trevor and Tulip’ are ferocious. Honestly, they really are terrifying! They chase ANYTHING that appears in their garden. This includes pesky squirrels, neighbourhood cats, various birds, wild deer and of course, humans. I once witnessed one of the ducks actually grab an unsuspecting pigeon that was flying too low over the garden, pull some of its feathers out, before releasing it and quacking loudly (shouting ducky insults I imagine!!).  If you see a partially bald pigeon in central Cornwall, its probably the one that my duck attacked. Needless to say, said pigeon hasn’t been back to our garden since. Gizmo is yet to discover the wrath of the pet ducks, but I’m sure he will learn quite quickly that the ducks are to be avoided at all costs if he wants his tail to remain intact.


After a few hours of supervised garden investigating, Giz was getting pretty brave. He was investigating the various bushes in the garden, looking under the bench, and checking out the washing line. However, when he scrambled up the 6ft fence panel that borders my neighbours garden, I decided to bring today’s activities to an abrupt end, before Giz became a bit too friendly with the lovely gang of Sheltie dogs next door?! Not sure Giz is ready for that amount of excitement just yet… And not sure the Shelties need an unscheduled feed!?

Giz has a lot to learn about this new world outside the back door…


Gizmo would love to hear your thoughts...

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