Kitty Wake Up Call…

I’ll be honest, getting up in the morning is not my favourite time of the day. Due to the thing called work, I have to get up at 5am, six days a week. In the winter, its a dark, cold depressing time of the day. Until recently, my alarm would go off, I would groan, begrudgingly drag myself out of bed, and put my uniform on and get ready for work. Since getting Gizmo, things have changed very slightly… The alarm still goes off at 5am and I still groan, but before I have time to drag myself out of bed, Giz has usually appeared at my head, purring loudly, eagerly rubbing my hands as I struggle to find the button to turn the alarm off before it gets so loud that it wakes the entire neighbourhood up. Giz throws himself on me several times, the volume of the purring has usually increased to maximum, and I struggle in the dark to find an escape route from the bed without knocking him off or sitting on him.

Although my sense of humour is limited at dark’o’clock, (especially before I’ve had at least one mug of coffee), I had to laugh when getting dressed for work the other morning. Giz was eagerly watching me lay my uniform out on the bed, purring loudly as usual. He sat next to my pillow, his head moving from side to side as I placed my clothes on top of the duvet. The next thing I knew, Giz was no longer sat purring by the pillow, but instead he had launched himself on my pile of clothes, he had my bra strap in his mouth and was rapidly ‘legging it’ off my bed with the offending item trailing behind him. I’m not sure how, but I managed to grab the bra just before it disappeared out of my bedroom door!

I narrowly avoid tripping over Gizmo as I struggle in the dark to get from my bedroom, down the corridor, and into our living room as Gizmo eagerly wraps himself around my legs as I try and walk. I can only take one step at a time, and have to estimate Giz’s location based solely on the direction of the purr…its either coming from my right foot, my left foot, or somewhere inbetween. Not only do I have to worry about tripping over or stepping on Giz, I have to walk with my hands out in front of me, making sure I don’t collide with a doorframe. I hate to admit, but I have collided with doorframes on more than one occasion in the past! Oh the joys of keeping the lights off, trying to avoid waking other people in the house!?

I would like to say that since Gizmo has been here, his behaviour has become quieter in the mornings, but if anything, he has become more excited when my alarm goes off each day and is steadily getting louder, and much quicker at realising the alarm is going off than me!? Pretty soon, I’m sure I wont need an alarm; Giz will know my routine, and insist I get up when he wants me to feed him!

I realise this excitable early morning behaviour isn’t because he is ‘pleased to see me’ (after all, he has spent all night sleeping next to my right foot, giving it the occasional chew as I try to roll over…) but instead, he is getting more excited about getting his early morning breakfast! I’m not sure whether to feel loved, or feel totally ruled by this adorable bundle of fluff that is now dominating my life, in the cutest way possible… It can be particularly challenging on my one day off per week, when I wish to stay in bed until at least 7.30am…much to Gizmos disgust!?

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