Kitty Ninja Warrior in training…

To Gizmo, our bungalow is an elaborate assault course, specifically laid out for him to challenge his athletic abilities in every room. He can climb the indoor clothes horse better than an Olympic gymnast performs a gold medal routine on the uneven bars! He can launch himself up the clothes horse, with impeccable balance and speed, jumping from bar to bar, without as much as a wobble! This is also applicable with other items of furniture, such as the sofa, ornament display cabinets, various wardrobes and his current favourite obstacle, the living room curtains.

For anyone who hasn’t witnessed a large kitten climbing full length curtains, its an impressive sight. The speed and fearlessness of a kitten climbing curtains is extraordinary…at least for the first time you see it!? After the first few times, the human emotions quickly go from amazement and joy, to frustration and annoyance, and ultimately fear for the molecular rigidity of said curtains. This can frequently lead to the human muttering several expletive words, especially if the curtains are starting to appear frayed and battered from the constant kitty traffic that they have endured, and will continue to withstand until kitty either gets too heavy, or the curtains totally give way under the repetitive strain. Kitty curtain problems often occur when said kitty reaches the top of the curtain, and then cant quite get the courage up to get back down without human assistance. This often results in a prolonged howl, or repetitive meow until the ‘human servant’ comes rushing to rescue said kitty and place them back on the safety of the floor. Kitty will often appear grateful and relieved that the human has rescued them that kitty will wait at least three minutes before reclimbing the curtain at speed?!

Luckily for me, Gizmo can effortlessly get up and down the full length curtains, without needing any human assistance at all. He does, however, give a celebratory meow when at the top of the curtain, shortly before reversing down again quickly, doing a lap of honour around the house at lightening speed, before reclimbing the curtain again, almost as if he is proving that it wasn’t a fluke the first time, and I really did witness him conquer the curtains more than once.

I will be interested to see how agile a climber Gizmo is when he is finally allowed to venture into the outside world (he needs to pay a visit to the vet first and have a certain part of his anatomy altered!). Even with his previous owner, he was an indoor cat and never showed any interest in venturing outside, so for now he happily remains inside, sitting on the windowsills, staring intently at the birds landing on the bird feeder, the squirrels stealing the bird food from the bird feeder, and my two ferocious pet ducks that reside at the bottom of the garden.

Until his release, Gizmo is refining his ‘kitty ninja warrior’ skills on the various furniture obstacles we have kindly laid out for him, in preparation for his arrival to the outside world. I already feel sorry for the squirrels (and other wildlife) that will inevitably be chased across our garden and up the various trees when Gizmo finally puts his athletic skills into use… DSCF2118.JPG

Gizmo would love to hear your thoughts...

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