From the beginning…

Earlier this year, I had a cat shaped hole in my heart. Having had my 19 yr old cat put to sleep, I was totally lost without being ‘bossed about’ by a cat, and repeatedly meowed at at during every waking moment. After a period of grieving , I started looking for a bundle of feline fluff to steal my heart (and subsequently dominate my life!). I contacted local charities, rescue centres and animal shelters, but no kitty really won me over. After posting an advert on social media, I was contacted about a 5 month old male tabby kitten who needed to quickly find a new home, through no fault of his own. And so on the 13th Feb 2016, Gizmo came into my life…just in time for valentines day! Since then, he has started to mend my broken heart, and reminded me how easily a kitten can climb curtains (amongst other items…)!?

2 thoughts on “From the beginning…

  1. I know exactly how you felt; it was the same when I said goodbye to my old lady Lucy,who’d even been to New Zealand and back with us! I am now devoted servant to Effie who is about the same age as Giz, who is very handsome by-the-way! The roman blinds are in shreads but who cares, right?!


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